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Peer Mentor Leadership Training Program: The District Attorney's Peer Mentor Leadership Training Program fosters leadership in young people through education and service to others.

The program foundation applies best practices in peer mentoring fundamentals from Partners Against Hate, a collaborative of the Anti Defamation League, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund and the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence. The training program strives not only to build general leadership ability for students as individuals and as a group, but also to reduce risky behaviors and improve the overall school climate.

The program raises students' awareness of attitudes and behaviors that impact schools and communities. Student Leaders chosen to participate will be given the knowledge, skills and confidence to make smart personal choices and to positively influence their peers. The 6 to 8-hour workshop, facilitated by District Attorney's staff certified in peer mentoring, includes interactive discussion, media, activities and exercises on topics such as: Public Speaking, Communication, Peer Pressure, Labels/Stereotypes, Discrimination, Bullying and Cyberbullying, Substance Abuse, & Healthy Relationships.

Following the completion of the Peer Mentor Leadership Training, the District Attorney's staff will work with schools to help develop mentoring opportunities.

Middle School Behavior Expectation Program: As the result of a collaborative effort with the middle school faculty/staff, middle school students and school administrators, our Behavior Expectation Program will continue this year. Using the ideas and efforts that existed in the Elementary School, an expanded program based on middle school aged students' developmental needs is in place. See the link to the right for the chart outlining expectations and consequences.

Middle School Aspiration class: Middle school Aspirations will focus on self and group awareness in an age appropriate, theme oriented format. Topics teach and reinforce (in role playing, small group and reflective exercises) social, ethical, academic and career education. Within these topics students examine critical and creative thinking, learning styles, relationships, self-esteem, citizenship and personal fitness.

Bullying Prevention Activities: In conjunction with the Berkshire Violence Prevention Center, and their Education for Action Group, we are again offering a bullying prevention program in our 7th and 8th grade. Each Aspiration class has a one week program that, although is similar in content for each group, the program takes a different shape to meet the needs of each group and match the strengths of its participants. Each of the classes will complete their programs and each will have a different culminating activity that is shared with the middle school or elementary community.

Based on one of our District Goals, increasing transitional programs for students leaving the elementary school and entering the middle school, we will continue our discussion of bullying prevention using the knowledge and activities that the 7th grade learned during their classroom activities with the Berkshire Center for Violence Prevention. These activities will focus on hurtful language and strategies for bystanders to use when seeing acts of bullying. This initiative is based on and uses the existing efforts of the elementary school teachers and students and their cooperation makes this possible.

We are proud of our students and their decision to address the issue of bullying and provide solutions based on their experiences.

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Middle School Team:

Mary Zurawka - English

Tom McCormack - Mathematics

Timothy Mertinooke - Science

Candice Killion - English

Ella Hall - Social Studies

Jennifer Roosa - Mathematics

Paul Belknap - Social Studies

Paul Schueler - English

David Duquette - Guidance Counselor