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Monday, January 4, 2021

Pandemic-EBT Funds for the 2020-2021 School Year

Pandemic-EBT Informational Flyer

Hello Lee Public School’s Families,

Students who are eligible for free or reduced-priced meals in our school will get Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) funds through the 2020-2021 school year. P-EBT funds can be used to help you buy healthy food for your student and family. It’s important to stay healthy, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 How much will I get?

  • - Eligible students in a fully remote learning situation will get $117.20 per month. 
  • - Eligible students in a hybrid learning situation will get $58.60 per month.
  • - Students attending school either half-day or fully in person are not eligible for P-EBT.

 How will I get P-EBT for October and November?

  • - Funds for October and November will be issued in ONE issuance. 
  • - I got  P-EBT in the past: You will get funds on your EBT or P-EBT card in late December.
  • - I am new to P-EBT:  If you get SNAP and/or TAFDC, look for funds to be added to the DTA EBT card you already have.  If you do not get SNAP and/or TAFDC, look for a DTA letter and card in the mail in mid January.

How will I get P-EBT funds in 2021?

  •  - I got P-EBT in the past on a P-EBT card: Starting in January, check your P-EBT card for funds on the 25th of each month for the rest of the school year.
  •  - I got P-EBT in the past on my DTA EBT card: Starting in January, check your EBT card for funds on the 25th of each month for the rest of the school year.
  •  - If you are new to P-EBT:
    • - If you get SNAP and/or TAFDC, check your DTA EBT card for funds.
    • - If you do NOT get SNAP and/or TAFDC,  you will get a letter in the mail from the DTA. You will also get a P-EBT card in the mail in a different envelope. KEEP THE LETTER UNTIL YOU HAVE GOTTEN  AND PINNED THE CARD. The letter has your students’ case number that you need to PIN the card.

Each month, funds will be added to your card on the 25th of each month for the month before.  Example: your February P-EBT funds will be based on your students’ learning situation in January.

No longer have your P-EBT card?

Request a replacement card at DTAconnect.com/pebt.  If you need help getting a new card, contact Gregg Brighenti (gbrighenti@leepublicschools.net). If you need a new EBT card, call DTA at 1-877-382-2363.

IMPORTANT:  Using P-EBT does not impact you or your student’s immigration status. The public charge rule does not apply to this program.

 Need more food help?

  • - If you are eligible for P-EBT you are likely eligible for SNAP, ongoing monthly food funds.  Check your eligibility and apply at DTAConnect.com.
  • - You can also get FREE grab and go school meals at any school.  Find a site near you atwww.meals4kids.org/find-meal-site. 

Get help: visit MAp-EBT.org or Gregg Brighenti (gbrighenti@leepublicschools.net).


Michael J. Richard

Superintendent of Schools

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